(Niks) nieuws onder de zon

De lancering van de telegraaf in 1845 werd algemeen gezien als een grote bedreiging voor de dag- en weekbladen van die tijd, die zelf nog in hun kinderschoenen stonden.

Die eerste kranten leunden overigens heel sterk op 'user generated content':

The most avid collectors of news were businessmen, some of whom acted as correspondents to papers ... Some merchants exchanged information with each other in special clubs, called newsrooms, in which items of interest ... were recorded in shared books to be accessed by paying subscribers only. Journalists would sometimes frequent such newsrooms to pick up stories. But they rarely sought out news themselves. Things began to change in the late 1820s as two New York papers, the Journal of Commerce and the Courier and Enquirer, began to compete for business readers ... In the 1830s competition intensified with the establishment of the “penny press” papers, which were cheaper than the business ones and catered to a much wider audience.

Via 'Newspapers and Technogy: network effects', in The Economist

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