Media (ver)bouwen: Eve (VK)

Enkele dagen terug hadden we het al over de opfrisbeurt voor het Engelse magazine 'Eve'. Vandaag brengt de Engelse krant The Independent een interessant interview met Eve's hoofdredactrice Nic McCarthy. Het blad moet zich spiegelen aan 3 F'en, namelijk "fashionable, feminine and friendly", door de associatie met Sex and the city actrice Jessica Parker, nieuwe logo's (Bodoni ultra bold italic). Eve wil - dixit McCarthy - glamoureuzer, intelligenter en verassender zijn dan haar concurrenten (o.a. Red Magazine).

Over haar doelgroep zegt McCarthy hetvolgende:

The median age of Eve's readers is 37 but, like most magazine editors, McCarthy prefers to define them by attitude. "One of the reasons I really wanted the job was I was really impressed by the Eve reader: she's a smart, educated, fairly well-off career woman. They're very much about what's going to happen next. They might want to set up their own business, or take up photography... they're always looking to have a more fulfilling life."

A decade ago, the big new concept in the magazine world was "middle youth" – women who had celebrated their 30th birthday, but were still interested in fashion and having fun. According to McCarthy this is now "old hat".

"If I think about myself, my friends, family, the thirtysomething women I know, I wouldn't assign any sort of badge to them, they are all completely different. I'm 38, I've got two children, I work. My sister-in-law is 37, she has given up her career for a few years to raise my godson, James. I've got other friends who haven't got children and don't particularly want children. Middle youth makes them sound a bit juvenile or old-fashioned or something."

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