UK: Grazia wint PPA award, Hello viert 20e verjaardag

Grazia wint PPA award voor het magazine dat - volgens de jury - 'the sharpest reflection [is] of what the modern female head currently holds'
"Hello", de "Rolls Royce" onder de celebrity magazines, wordt 20. The Independent wijst op de "onvermoeibare positiviteit" als succesformule van het blad

The magazine has presided over a gigantic paradox: it deals in a world of wealth, renown, fabulous success, deranged consumer spending and the expectation that romance will always be around the corner – everything, in short, that the world associates with happiness. Even though the figures who populate this world seem to spend unconscionable amounts of time being unhappy, unwell, doomed to rehab clinics, socially maladroit, sexually incontinent and unable to look after their children, it has been Hello! magazine's unenviable task to put a brave face, and a positive construction, on the slow-motion motorway crash of famous people's lives.

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